072 progress report 2

Many bugs have been fixed. I know that sounds like a cheap way to open a progress report, but I wouldn’t have said so if it wasn’t meaningful. For once and for all it looks like the croky casle stairs bug has been fixed! This means I can probably refactor out most of the special checks put in for those stairs and the SLOC will be just under 10,000 again. I’d like to have that as a legacy before I start seriously adding content.

I’ve also fixed other very longstanding bugs such as the dollar sign bug, being able to identify things by looking at them while they’re on the ground, and the ever annoying “you see a the floor” bug. Writing language processors isn’t easy but I’ve come up with a way to make it work.

Croky Castle takes about 45 minutes to complete if you know exactly what you’re doing, or if you get a little lucky with weapons and armor. I have a goal here of 30 to 60 hours hours of playtime. I’m going to be doing some playtime sink sketches soon and see what needs to be added to the game in order for it to reach 30+ hours. This will amount to a few special levels. Maybe a playthrough of nethack and try to compare the power ramp up too, as the combat is too easy currently.

The game is in a semipolished state now, I will continue to test and play for a little bit and if nothing turns up by the time I refactor the croky castle special checks out, I might release 0.7.2. I might also add a few new items and armor to underline the release. But yeah I’m running out of bugs to fix here… Maybe I should look for some playtesters.

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