0.7.2 pre-release checklist

working on:
o finish adding fire and poison damage, and bear and dart traps.
o add missile weapons (rocks, slings, bows, arrows)
o basic magic spells. Spellbooks or spellwords….?
o some new monsters and some new special levels which may randomly appear
o monster bins for special levels
o loading of saved games
o re-examine the effects class, possibly rework it to be more straightforward.

known bugs:
o When a level is created, upstairs are added leading back to the previous level. The stairs should point down if the level they are pointing to is down (check destination depth on placement)
o When you read a scroll of teleport, sometimes it can’t find Start-0 and crashes. This may occur between the time the file is deleted and created; i.e. if it couldn’t find proper stairs and tries to cast a nonstairs tile to stairs it may crash out and be unable to load the (now deleted) Start-0 later on.

back burner:
o Add a proper do_teleport function for intralevel teleport.

fixed bugs:
2019 06 12 – Wiki up. Design document going up. Rewrote damage, and attack type code using enums.
2019 06 11 – Working on putting more of the game into an enum structure. ~9700 SLOC incl. data.
2019 06 10 – Can now switch system fonts on the fly. Config file lets you customize various floor tiles.
2019 06 09 – Monsters can now wield weapons. Completely untested!
2019 06 08 – Config files added. Users initially given the ability to specify font file and point size.
2019 06 07 – Refactored monster data into an enum class. Created reddit group for discussion and support
2019 06 06 – Playtesting and moving around some game mechanics. Minor bugfixes to class Message.
2019 06 04 – fixed ‘you see a the floor’, fixed ‘you see teleport’ (identify-by-look)
2019 06 03 – Custom level stairs can now access from_stairs to neatly set dest_x and dest_y at creation time.
2019 06 02 – Stairs should no longer appear inside dungeon stores now.
2019 06 01 – the ‘$’ sign is now rendered properly. attack/defense rolls are now squared for consistency.
2019 05 31 – Inventory.getItem() doesn’t crash when you cancel a drop now.
2019 05 31 – Streamlined Screen class and removed screen flicker on statsline
2019 05 30 – New BufferedImage Custom Painting system is over 10x faster than LibGDX version.
2019 05 26 – Project resumed using 0.6.4+usrlib codebase and 0.7.1 class files.
2017 09 01 – 20th anniversary v0.7.1/LibGDX port & creation of
2015 10 10 – v0.6.8 – vscreen split off into its own package. This was crucial in adopting LibGDX later.
2013 05 22 – v0.6.4 – Croky castle added for extended testing.
2009 12 09 – v0.5.0 – Custom level files added and s sort of pre-level ‘script’ created.
2006 07 15 – Refactored vscreen out into it’s own package.
2003 06 30 – Project rewritten in Java
1997 06 30 – Started project in C++

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